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We are a home based business in Haiku, and offer personalized in-home shopping, pop-ups, as well as concierge style services for your convenience.

We can help make your parenting journey as smooth as possible with services focused on infant massage, car seat safety/use/installation, learning all about cloth diapers, and Postpartum Mother Roasting to help the mother heal in her immediate postpartum period. You can always follow our social media channels for updates on pop-ups, parties, or events to meet at as well!

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[Maternity Services ]

Our services are geared toward educating and arming you with amazing tools and knowledge to feel confident and empowered within your parenting journey.

Infant massage is an amazing tool to assist you and your new baby in establishing new routines, relationships, and bonds from day one.  Decrease crying, improve sleep patterns, and learn to communicate with each other with a fun routine that everyone will enjoy.

Cloth diaper classes are here to teach you all you need to know about using cloth diapers.  Know the benefits for you, your baby, and our environment.  Also get an insiders look at what other accessories can be helpful, as well as troubleshooting along the way.

Car seat services provide you with great knowledge to feel confident that your baby is secured in your vehicle every time!  Learn how to install your current seat, know the rules and laws applicable to our state, be sure you understand your LATCH, seat harness, tethers, and seat belts, and know when to install your seat with each of these.

Postpartum Mother Roasting to provide natural and healing benefits to the woman in her immediate post birth state.  Learn to use belly binding, hot stone abdominal work, and conscious warm foods to assist with uterine shrinking, ridding the body of excess blood, finding comfort, and achieving closure.

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    “Thanks to Elizabeth for taking the time on a Sunday to help us install our car seats,
    and for educating us on their proper use.” – Pete

  • finger baby

    “I liked learning how to bond more with my baby in a way that will benefit her growth and development.”
    (Infant Massage) – Samantha

  • babygirl

    “I wish I would have learned this when my baby was younger!”
    (Infant Massage) – Tara

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    “It was easy and fast to schedule an appointment with Elizabeth for our car seat check.” – Ted

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    “Elizabeth gave me such good information.
    I feel much better able to manage my car seat in my car.” -Renee

  • sibling

    “Best things learned from the infant massage class are
    ‘learning different techniques to help my baby relax and connect.’ ” – Danielle