[Car Seat Education]


Car seats!!! Is there any other concept to parents/parents-to-be that can cause such anxiety laden fear?!? We think not.

Some questions that you may be asking yourself are:

Is your baby be in the right seat for their size, for your car, for your budget?

Do you know when you will be turing your rear-facing child forward?

Do you know what LATCH, seat belt, and tether anchor will be used, and do you know when each is appropriate?

Do you know when you should use the vehicle seat belt vs LATCH to install your baby’s car seat?

Do you know what a “pinch test” is? And do you know when/how to adjust your baby’s harness strap and chest clip?

Are you comfortable moving your car seat to a rental, grandma’s, or your partner’s vehicle whenever you need?

Are you frustrated thinking that your car seat is NEVER installed tight enough?

Our donation based, concierge car seat checks can have you breathing a sigh of relief knowing that your baby is in the proper seat, properly installed and adjusted, and that you can manage it in any vehicle needed. We teach you the ins and outs of your vehicle’s setup, seat belts, as well as your car seats features and when/where to use each of them. Plus we do this all in the comfort of your own garage, parking lot, or driveway.

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