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Cloth Diapers are a great choice not only for the environment, but for your baby, and for yourself as well.  

Our cloth diaper class can help you understand why.

For example, did you know that a disposable diaper takes ~500 years to breakdown in a landfill?  How about the fact that even when you use disposable diapers you are supposed to flush the solid waste in the toilet?

By having us over to your home, you can minimize your stress and research efforts.  We know firsthand how overwhelming the journey to cloth diapering can be, and we can now share our knowledge with you!  Whether you have already done some research, or if you have just started thinking about using cloth, we can help you commit and support you the entire way!

Let us teach you what AIO, AI2, cover, hybrid, pockets, and fitteds mean.  Take the opportunity to touch and feel our assorted styles so you can get a feel of what cloth diapers really are, and how they all work!  How about wet bags, liners, and other accessories?  We have you covered, and can teach you what the real deal really is, and why you may need these things.

How about washing cloth diapers?  Are you freaking out about the extra loads?  Are you wondering whether to line dry or use the drier?  Have you heard or read anything about detergent?  We can help.  We will even problem solve with you throughout your cloth journey.  Leaks? Smells? Stains?  Let us know what is giving you the most trouble, and we will do our best to alleviate it!

Our cloth diaper class is full of info, first hand accounts, and even some super funny poop related stories!

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