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All throughout a woman’s pregnancy, the thoughts are on the baby. How to have a healthy pregnancy, a healthy baby, how to eat, how to exercise. Very little is given or taught on what she can do after the baby arrives. Of course there are things that teach how to feed, change a diaper, bathe the baby, but since all of those things are baby related, very typically is the woman’s self care neglected.

Our postpartum mother roasting services are just what a postpartum mother needs! We offer lots of ways to help and assist the mother with healing, closure, and relaxation. Some very important and vital concepts that no one else will be able to offer.

Belly binding for abdominal tightening, internal organ compression, back support while feeding/carry baby, and uterine toning.

Warm, scented baths/soaks and sealing ceremonies to assist in honoring the mother, and the journey she just went through. Focused ingredients to soothe and relax.

Hot stone abdominal work to assist with ridding the body of excess blood/fluids, assist with uterine shrinking.

Conscious cooking to provide essential warming and condensed nutrients during the hectic days. Teas to assist in milk supply, uterine healing, and overall momma-rockin’ goodness.

Placenta work to assist with postpartum depression, mood swings, milk production. Different forms can be done: pills, salves, tinctures. The choice is yours.

Let’s meet and talk as soon as possible to give you time and decide what may work best for you!

Prices vary depending on services chosen and start at $100.

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