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Teething woes


There are so many different products on the market nowadays that assist with helping your baby find comfort with teething pain.
Teething gel
Teething tinctures
Ice teethers
amber jewelry
good old frozen washcloth
Our personal favorite is silicone teething jewelry! Once thing we always heard from other mommas “I quit wearing jewelry when I had my baby. He/she always tugged on it and broke it.” We love accessories (namely jewelry and bags) and could not imagine not having something on everyday. Enter the world of silicone teething products. Our favorite brands are Chewbeads and Teething Bling.  The concept is simple. Present a line of baby friendly/safe jewelry that you can wear and baby can’t ruin or be inured on.
Silicone teething jewelry is made out of food grade silicone. It is free of lead, phthalates, and BPA. 100% safe for baby! The colors are meant to either add a pop of color or be a simple coordinating piece for your outfits, while providing visual contrast and interest for baby. The necklaces usually have a safety breakaway clasp so there is little risk of you getting tangled.
Chewbeads and Teething Bling are meant as jewelry for you, and not a toy for your child. NEVER give your child a piece of silicone jewelry unsupervised.

The Chewbeads and Teething Bling silicone products are soft for babies to chew on to ease teething pain and play with while nursing/bottle feeding to decrease distraction.
Our best recommendation is to purchase at least a bracelet so that you always have something on hand to distract baby during those hectic out and about diaper changes. Babies love chewing, and they also love jewelry, so why not combine the two.

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